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When The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series began in 2010, no one knew to the level and degree it would grow. Now nearly a decade later, for one night a year, the Harbor Beach Community Theatre is transformed into Burbank, California and Television City. Playing all of the classics of yesterday's television-lore, The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series (HBGS) raises funds for community non-profit organizations, including the Harbor Beach Maritime Festival and the Harbor Beach Community Theatre's Digital Projection Initiative. 

The "Whammies" made their debut during the Season 7 Premiere on May 13, 2017 and were a crowd favorite. Photo Courtesy: jenniferGRACE PHOTOGRAPHY

The "Whammies" made their debut during the Season 7 Premiere on May 13, 2017 and were a crowd favorite.
Photo Courtesy: jenniferGRACE PHOTOGRAPHY


The show's concept was created decades ago when HBGS's Executive Producer, Clark Ramsey, grew up watching the likes of $100,000 Pyramid, Match Game re-runs, Card Sharks, Supermarket Sweep and of course, The Price is Right. His brothers and he all had dreams of being on a game show someday, but professional careers soon gave way instead. Little did they realize, some twenty years later, that the dream would come full circle and they would be creating "A Ramsey Brother Production." After heading off to Michigan State University to pursue a degree in Television, Radio and Cinema, Clark found himself producing, directing and hosting a television show of his own as part of the course curriculum. Inside of that (looking back, terrible) show would be concepts and segments of game shows, and the journey to The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series was reborn. In the summer of 2010, Clark took on a role of hosting some Sunday afternoon entertainment underneath the Maritime Festival main tent. With "Minute to Win It" being all of the rage at the time, a local version was concocted.

Clark drafted the help of his brothers, Ryan Ramsey Ross Ramsey and Shaun Ramsey, and the foundation was built for what we know today. As graduation loomed for Clark from Michigan State University in 2011, an existing fundraiser for the Maritime Festival ran its course and a new event was needed to fill the void. After consultation among the Ramsey Brothers, it was decided that the "under the tent show" could be morphed into a full theater production. From the first meeting on January 6, 2011 to the final curtain on May 21st, a whirlwind of preparation took place -- yet no one knew what to expect. Show producers expected no more than 100 people and "anything more would be a bonus." From the time doors opened to when the show began, nearly 200 people flooded the theater and HBGS was off and running...almost. 

Every square inch of the stage and theater is utilized for The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series.
Photo Courtesy: jenniferGRACE PHOTOGRAPHY

 As final tasks were completed, the entire show was almost brought to a close, even before it opened. An inadvertently placed chair had destroyed and disabled the main connection to the main theater projector, nearly paralyzing any capabilities to produce the show. Luckily, with the help of some quick thinking Community House staff and random engineers in the audience, a temporary connected was achieved -- with the help of a lot of electrical tape. Two hours later, the inaugural show was deemed a smashing success.

Over the course of the next few years, word continued to spread about the uniqueness and fun of The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series. Not only was it a fundraiser, but a real-life game show with an ode to television lore of yesteryear (even before the time of the show's staff). Audience numbers continued to grow from 180 to 230,  then to 250 and 280, and now surpassing 350 and flirting with 400 and beyond. The Ramsey Brothers took this increase in demand to heart and forced themselves to increase the production value each and every show. 

The original staff of The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series on May 21, 2011

What began as a mess of RCA "three-prong" cables and a crew of 10, has now ballooned and expanded to meet the demand of today's show production. In its current state, The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series requires 1,750 feet of HDMI cable, 925 feet of XLR audio cable, 350 feet of DMX visual control (lighting) cable, 28 audio inputs, 27 video screens, seven computers and eight video inputs, with 38 talented and good-looking people to manage it all backstage. The phrase "we have created a beast," is overheard numerous times in the hours leading up to the show.

A majority of the staff of The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series, May 13, 2017 -- not pictured are box office, engineering and usher staff. Photo courtesy of: jenniferGRACE PHOTOGRAPHY

On average, 850-900 hours are dedicated to producing a single show of The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series and involves a team of industry experts to make it possible. For instance, highly-skilled electrical and mechanical engineers are required to program and code the addressable LED and electronic game boards. Computer program design, electrical installation, media installation, information technology, power consumption and distribution and audio engineering are all required months before Mother's Day Weekend so that the show can be put to the stage. Plain and simple, the show would not be possible without the countless hours and energy donated to The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series. Even with all labor donated, each show costs an average of $8,000 to produce.  

On behalf of the entire production team, support staff, engineers, developers, Community House staff and anyone who has aided to our success, thank you. It takes an army to pull of a show like this and wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the dedication of those involved. 

Clark Ramsey | Executive Producer and Host  Harbor Beach Gameshow Series

Clark Ramsey | Executive Producer and Host
Harbor Beach Gameshow Series