The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series



The Harbor Beach Gameshow Series takes place on the second Saturday of the month of May at 7pm. The Harbor Beach Community Theatre has been the home of HBGS since 2011. Doors open an hour before showtime.

When does the Harbor Beach Gameshow Series take place?

The show does include adult humor, but presented in an innuendo or satire fashion. Some may consider some humor to be "too racy" for children. Although not required, we highly suggest that all audience members be at least 18-years-old. 

Is the show appropriate for children?

When do tickets go on sale?

Online ticket sales begin each year on May 01 at 5pm, EDT.

In our first year of online ticket sales (2018), the main floor sold out within 120 minutes of being on sale. You can sign up for our email list for a reminder beforehand.

How fast do tickets sell?

Is there handicap seating available?

The entire main floor of the theater is handicap-accessible and tickets go on sale May 01 at 5pm at Due to the constraints and age of the theater, the balcony is not handicap-accessible. This is the main reason why we are so excited to offer online tickets, to ensure those who require main floor seating, with reservations beforehand.  

We don't have many rules when it comes to our show; it goes against our beliefs. However, one that we are very strict on is saving seats. Under no circumstance is saving seats allowed anywhere in the theater. If seats are being saved and not all members of the party are checked in (as verified by our ticket database), HBGS staff reserves the right to remove any form of saved seating to allow for other guests. All HBGS decisions are final. Only sanctioned, HBGS-produced reservation signs will be honored for reserved seating, as part of a corporate show sponsorship package.

Can I save seats once inside the theater?


Can I reserve a specific seat?

All online ticket orders are general admission, by section. With your online order, you are guaranteed a spot in your designated section, but not a specific seat. REMINDER: saving seats is strictly prohibited and it is suggested that parties arrive together to increase chances of sitting together.

Doors open an hour before the show begins. It is quite common for a large number of patrons to be in line before doors open at 6pm. The larger your group, the earlier your entire party will want to arrive. It is highly encouraged that your party arrives together to increase your odds of sitting together. Online tickets guarantee your section (main floor or balcony), but not a specific seat. REMINDER: saving seats is strictly prohibited.

How early should I arrive to make sure I get the seat I want?

How long does a show last?

On average, the duration of a Harbor Beach Gameshow Series production is approximately 140 minutes. An intermission will take place between the first and second games. Bathrooms are available on both the main floor and balcony.

What does the show benefit?

All proceeds from the show benefit not-for-profit entities throughout the Harbor Beach community. Primarily as a fundraiser for the Harbor Beach Maritime Festival, revenue goes toward keeping the July festival free for all to enjoy. Concessions revenue benefits the Harbor Beach Community Theatre, a not-for-profit entity.

The production cost of the show is donated by Clark Ramsey Productions and a Ramsey Brother Production.

Contestants are selected utilizing the same method and algorithms utilized by studio lots in Burbank, California. Data collected when contestants check-in at the lobby is inputted into a system that aids in the computer-automated selection process. Contestants must be of 18-years of age to win prizes.

How are contestants selected?

Where is the official after-party?

Smalley's Bar & Grill is the official after party of the Harbor Beach Gameshow Series. Kitchen is open until 10pm with drinks served until approximately 1:45am.

The show's production crew consists of 38 staff backstage aiding in the production of the Harbor Beach Gameshow Series. Altogether, there are over 60 credentialed staff for each show.

How many staff does it take to produce a show?

Smalley's Bar & Grill is an official sponsor of the Harbor Beach Gameshow Series and is located a half of block to the south of the theater on S. Huron Avenue. Other venues available include Al's Restaurant (across the street from Smalley's Bar & Grill), Ernesto's Pizza (just west of the main corner on State Street), Hunter's Bar (directly across from the theater), Old Port Dining (next to the Dollar General on State Street), Varney's Coney Island (at the entrance to the marina on M-25), Subway (State Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets), Little Caesar's Pizza (take-out | next to Al's Restaurant) or Chester's Chicken (take-out | inside of Brown's Market Place at the west end of Harbor Beach -- an official sponsor of HBGS)

Where is a good place to eat before the show?